Global Sources Private Supplier Catalog
Create your electronic catalog and communicate more efficiently with buyers

Private Supplier Catalog
A comprehensive suite of online tools that gives you complete control over your electronic catalog. It includes a host of buyer communication and export marketing support tools. Contact us for more information.

Your Benefits

Market Intelligence — Online customized information about buyers, competitors and market trends

Up-to-date product catalog — Powerful, quick and easy-to-update online catalog with product images, specifications and more...

Maximize your efficiency — E-mail up-to-date products and company information to multiple buyers at one time

Reduce cataloging costs — Professionally print your online catalog in the office or on the road

Safe and secure — Securely store your electronic catalog on Global Sources' servers so there is no chance of data loss due to computer crash or notebook theft


One secure location — Powerful, easy to use online cataloging tools with a simple step-by step approach

Your personal online showroom — Manage your comprehensive product profiles and specifications online

Quality Control — Highlights QC standard to establish trust in your products and services.

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Your problem:
"Updating and reprinting product catalogs and brochures take more time and money than I can afford."
Our solution:
Advertisers on Global Sources build cost - saving online catalogs: updated 24/7, anytime, anywhere.
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