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You've got great products, at great prices. They're innovative, fresh to the marketplace, and as good - or better - than what your competitors offer. But, to grow your business in today's economy, you have to get those products in front of the right buyers.

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Thousands of suppliers have built their business with Global Sources. Join them.

Get a FREE online marketing site on GlobalSources.com where you can promote your company and your products to our worldwide buyer community. Tens of thousands of China manufacturers use Global Sources' services to get sales leads from buyers around the world. Look at what some of them have to say about our quality buyers.

"We are famous in the market because of Global Sources. It provided us with a working platform to reach and be reached by professional buyers. Its promotion in international markets ensures our exposure even if we are not physically present. It educates us through seminars, meetings with buyers and similar activities."

Yuan Zhong Jian, General Manager Cliff Knitwear Co., Ltd.

"When inquiries came through the fax machines, our sales people would come very early each day just so they'd be the first to get them. Now they come by e-mail, and still our sales people look forward to the daily inquiries via Global Sources. Our first international client came from Global Sources."

Amy Xu, Vice General Manager Wuxi Kunda Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

"Global Sources is our key media for print and online promotion. We have been introduced to a lot of buyers over the years. Client back-up service is first class. Now, we also participate in the China Sourcing Fairs and are experiencing the same kind of success."

Lai Yongjiu, Chairman of the Board Sichuan Yongxing Electronics Co., Ltd.

"I did not know how to export directly when I started my business. With the help of Global Sources, I was able to establish long term and continuing relationships with buyers. This is the reason why I continue to partner with Global Sources. Its China Sourcing Fair is another avenue that I will explore."

Jacky Chen, General Manager Shenzhen Gottawa Industrial Ltd.

"Over the years, Global Sources has brought us many good customers who, in turn, have laid many orders with us. We also turn to Global Sources for updates on market trends."

Chen Zhicheng, General Manager Shuoying Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Suppliers talk about how Global Sources has helped their businesses grow.

  • Cliff Knitwear Co.,Ltd

    Cliff Knitwear Co.,Ltd
  • Zhuhai Satow Electronic Co.,Ltd

    Zhuhai Satow Electronic Co.,Ltd
  • Kennede Electronics MRG. Co.,Ltd

    Kennede Electronics MRG. Co.,Ltd
  • Kitsen Metal & plastic Products Co.,Ltd

    Kitsen Metal & plastic Products Co.,Ltd

Major buyers turn to Global Sources when they're looking for new products. Market your company to them.

Our huge community of global buyers - currently over millions of names - includes the world's largest companies: Target, Circuit City, IKEA, Carrefour, Canadian Tire, Kmart Australia and more. These top buyers are a rich source of sales for many of our suppliers - and can be for you too.

When you join Global Sources, your products are marketed to a wide range of serious buyers. It's a selling opportunity you don't want to miss.

Praise from our buyers for our suppliers

"I've found many suppliers through GlobalSources.com who are now my partners in business"

Rodney Jacobs, Managing Director, Gifts Unlimited, Australia

"I want to thank you for the excellent service I received from you and from all of the suppliers on your site. You definitely have a terrific website and backup from a lot of great manufacturers...."

Doug Dares, Vice President/Customer Relations, Site-Light Inc., Canada

"We have been actively sourcing in the telecom industry by using globalsources.com for over a year. We prefer to use this site over other B2B portals because we are more confident that we are able to find reliable suppliers who respond to us effectively. The website design is user-friendly and easy to figure out and allow us to get in touch with suppliers with ease."

Dimitris G. Kontogiannis, Power Presence, Greece

"Global Sources has the best sourcing site I've found - far better than other sites. It's very well-designed and easy to use."

Martino Liu, OTB Conexion, Mexico

"I find GlobalSources.com very easy to use - very logically designed. I've been able to find several key suppliers I want to talk with by using your website. It's been a huge help to our sourcing business."

David Kay, Kaybay, United Kingdom

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